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Mercedes Benz ride on cars are the pinnacle of the ride on toys world. These compact, playful versions of the full-sized Benzes we see on our streets are growing in popularity. Whether you’re zipping around on a driveway, or cruising on the playground, these cars for kids will transform your child into the coolest kid in town. Mercedes Benz are stylish, dependable, fun and affordable. Nowadays, you’re never too far from an enviable little rascal who’s lucky enough to own one.

Who are Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes Benz are a household name in the automotive manufacturing business. Formed after the merger of two successful German automobile companies, the brand has become synonymous with striking style and quality engineering. Today, they brag an extensive range of luxury vehicles, coaches and trucks out of their Stuttgart headquarters. Mercedes Benz continue to be innovators, bridging the gap between creative imagination and realisation in the automobile industry.

What Mercedes Benz Ride On Cars are in the range?

Here at Mercedes Benz Ride On Cars, we have a growing catalogue of extraordinary cars for kids. Maybe you’re interested in a fully-licensed Mercedes Benz kids car, or one that’s a push-along rather than kids electric cars, we have it. And all of our cars guarantee safety, durability and fun!

The Mercedes CLA Style Electric Ride On Car, for example, is a best-seller of ours. This kids car has a number of practical features and is available in three colours – white, black and red. The car uses two 12-volt battery motors to power it to 4mph. And the remainder of the battery power is dedicated to powering functions such as headlights and on-board music capabilities.

If you’d rather go the full hog and buy a quality miniature replica of the real thing, then how about licensed Mercedes Benz Ride On Cars? We have three that are top of the line: The SLS AMG, the S63 AMG and the G63 Electric Ride On Car.

The SLS cars for kids are a dead ringer for the actual car. They incorporate all of the typical cool features that premium ride ons have, including lights, a horn and a reverse gear. But the main selling point is just how attractive they are. You won’t find kids electric cars with more detail.

Sleek and stealthy, the S63 AMG is just as beautiful. It’s also large enough to accommodate children up to 8 years old. This is the type of Mercedes Benz Ride On Car you purchase if you want to make a big, exciting statement to your kid.

For those young car fans who are more 4×4 enthusiasts, there’s the G63 series in black or white. Designed to resemble the large angular jeep, the G63 AMG is an sturdy ride on that is comfortable and safe for even the youngest riders.

Finally, security is all but assured with the Mercedes Push Along option we have. With this smart kids car, parents enjoy a greater sense of control over the movement of their children.

Powering Mercedes Benz Ride On Cars

There are different ways to put some get-up-and-go in your chosen ride on. The two that Mercedes Benz ride on cars focus on, however, are battery power and push power.

Battery-powered kids electric cars not only enable children to enjoy and amazing automatic ride, they also power cool functions. The more power a kids car packs, the more exciting extras it will have. That’s why you’ll find electric ride ons that include MP3 connectivity, sound effects and a reverse gear.

This isn’t to say that such features aren’t included on push along ride on cars, though. Push alongs, like the one we sell, recreate sound effects too. But we’re responsible for propelling the toy using our bodies in a way that we aren’t with kids electric cars. This makes push along Mercedes Benz ride on cars good for keeping kids active in an imaginative way.

What is the difference between a Mercedes Benz Licensed ride on and a Mercedes Benz Style ride on?

It’s not as complicated as it may, at first, seem. Firstly, a licensed Mercedes Benz ride on car is the opposite of a Mercedes Benz style ride on car. But why isn’t the Mercedes Benz style ride on car just called an unlicensed Mercedes Benz ride on car? Well, because the differences go beyond just the brand emblem on the bonnet.

Licensed Mercedes Benz ride on cars are not just cars for kids with official logos attached. The licensed version is also a detailed replica of the actual vehicle it takes its name from. So, for example, our S63 AMG look, as closely as possible, like S63 AMGs adults drive. Licensed ride on cars are for the real car enthusiasts who want a status symbol, as well as a quality toy.

Conversely, Mercedes Benz style ride on cars are styled to resemble the appearance of the licensed version of a specific ride on. If you look at our Mercedes Benz CLA style, both the branding and the design are altered. Hence, you’re riding in a car that is styled like the licensed Mercedes Benz CLA ride on.

The difference is largely an aesthetic one, however. The branding doesn’t dictate how well a ride on will perform. Our advice is to go for the licensed version if you’d like something a bit showier. But if you’d rather save a few quid, then a Mercedes Benz style ride on car is perfect.

Are Mercedes Benz Ride On Cars safe?

Cars for kids don’t come more secure than Mercedes Benz ride on cars. The ride ons are restricted to a reasonable, manageable speed of up to 3-4mph, typically. Couple that with the high-grade, robust materials used in constructing these cars and kids will never crash out.

Some models come with additional safety features for those children who are still getting used to controlling their kids car. With Mercedes Benz ride on cars, it’s common to find the vehicle fitted with seatbelts and a parental remote control. The remote control overrides the steering wheel controls to allow the parent or carer to drive the car. On one of those inevitable occasions where your rider is drifting dangerously off course, you’ll find it useful.

Still, there are simple precautions both rider and carer can take to ensure a safe drive. Most importantly, only operate the ride on outside in an open area. Avoid areas with obstacles such as slopes, bumps and rocky ground to avoid injury. Whilst there, keep riders under adult supervision throughout. And, most importantly, kit riders out in safe equipment – especially a safety helmet.

Keep your Mercedes Benz Ride On Cars in working condition

Start with the engine room. No, we don’t mean dismantling your kids car down to the motor. We mean, if you own kids electric cars, look after the battery. Try to charge the battery only when you plan on using it, and make sure you charge for the recommended time. If the battery becomes damaged, have it replaced with another that is appropriate for the ride on.

Keep the body up to scratch too. If you want to preserve the awesome façade, keep the body clean. Clean it using a cloth and some warm water after use. Once cleaned, store it away somewhere where it will not become dirty again. You can also be extra careful by applying a cover over it.

Lastly, ensure that your ride on is running smoothly by servicing the wheels. This includes checking that they remain in good condition, cleaning away debris, keeping them properly aligned and oiling them. Running Mercedes Benz ride on cars on faulty tyres is a safety hazard. Replace the tyres if they become damaged.

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