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Mercedes Benz Push Ride On Cars

Mercedes Benz push ride on cars are typically high quality. Owners can expect amazingly well-crafted push along toys that are sturdy, enjoyable and uniquely attractive. Though the range of officially-licensed ride ons isn’t extensive, there’s no doubting the popularity of these famous miniature vehicles.

What is a push along car?

A push along car is a push along ride on toy that is propelled by pushing it. This can be done by the rider, who pushes the ride on using their feet across the floor. Alternatively, parents can push the car along. This is usually the case when ferrying children below toddler age. Some push along toys have extended handles attached to the back to aid adults in this.

Whether made from plastic or wood, push along toys are very safe making them suitable for young riders. Despite the growing popularity of the battery-powered version, the push along car still dominates in the gardens, driveways and parks of neighbourhoods.

What age is the appropriate to ride Mercedes Benz push ride on cars?

Push toys are usually for young children. They are simple and compact making them ideal for those little scurrying legs they have. It’s rare to get a big push ride on car that is suitable for older children. Why would they want one either when they are ready for some serious motorised speed? The reality is that Mercedes Benz ride on cars are not just toys, they are also developmental tools. This makes them useful for children who are still learning about their bodies and their physical and mental capabilities.

What are the benefits of riding Mercedes Benz push ride on cars?

Most importantly, a push along car will encourage physical activity that is vital at a young age. Using one requires the rider to use motor skills, hand-eye coordination and balance to navigate successfully. Everything from pushing the ride on along using the large muscles in the leg, to gripping the handles helps to sharpen these skills.

Whilst they learn more about what they are able to do, they are also expending energy and exploring their environment. This is cardiovascular and mental stimulation that can add to a healthy lifestyle. Without them knowing it, kids riding Mercedes Benz push along toys are becoming stronger and smarter in a fun way.

Even the children with legs too short to reach the ground gain something. A push along car is a great bonding exercise and confidence booster. Riders learn the value of trust, teamwork and independence with parents acting as instructors. While the adults push the vehicle, they can give instructions for the rider to follow. Children can quickly become comfortable with their ability to control the vehicle, and they move to more powerful toys before you know it.

Where are the best places to ride Mercedes Benz push ride on cars?

Push ride ons can be ridden on different terrains. But for performance and safety purposes, some places are more suitable than others. Level ground is the main thing that is needed in order kids to have a good ride. With all of that pushing, ground with divots and bumps become a tiring chore. A nice even surface like that found in playgrounds or driveways is excellent for a little joyride.

These locations are the best because they use hard ground too. Surfaces that shift or don’t provide traction work against the slippy plastic tyres of Mercedes Benz ride on cars. So, whilst Mercedes Benz push ride on cars can go on grass, for example, it’s not easy to move or manoeuvre.

The Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Push Along Ride On Car in Red

Our centrepiece Mercedes Benz push along ride on car is the AMG SLS licensed ride on. This is a child’s first step into the world of luxury automobiles. This is a scaled-down replica version of the formidable supercar offering exceptional fine detail and an adorable driving experience. You won’t find a more fabulous push along car on the market.


Clad in a shiny bright red coat with sparkling metallic trimmings and official badges, the AMG SLS is a sight to behold. Usually, push along toys are brightly coloured but they use drab illustrations. Not here. The AMG SLS is a strong replication the real thing, from the body shape to the location of the air vents. And the furnishings are a deep black that contrasts well with deep red.


The manufacturers, Ride Star, have used hardwearing plastic to construct this replica. This high grade material allows it to survive bumps unscathed. The push along car is also capable of ferrying a load of 23kg effortlessly. That’s more than enough for rider and their belongings during their travels.

Fun to drive

It’s so easy for even the youngest riders to drive the AMG SLS safely. The chunky, smooth-rolling plastic wheels and intuitive steering wheel ensure this. Push the push along car forward or backward and remain on track by controlling the front wheels. Simple!

Extra features

Enjoy an life-like experience with the smart on-board extras crammed into this mini motor. Buttons on the dashboard operate fun songs and amazing sound effects. And, just so that you’re not leaving anything important behind, there’s a seat storage area under the driver’s seat. Kids can truly feel like they own the real thing!

Where can I buy Mercedes Benz push ride on cars?

There’s only one place to head for the best official Mercedes Benz push along toys – and that’s right here! are front runners in the market for both battery-powered and push along ride ons, for kids up to 8 years old. Whether you’re looking for a ride on that’s picturesque, or one with loads of safety attachments, we have it available.

Take a look through our catalogue and order online. Alternatively, give us a call on 0203 7500 650 or email for more information or to place an order. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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