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Mercedes kids cars

Mercedes kids cars are top sellers in the electric ride on cars arena. Kids love owning kids electric cars and they want to know that they’re cruising in the best. At Mercedes Benz Ride On Cars, we supply that. All our kids electric cars come with striking looks, easy driveability and some neat play features.

What features to Mercedes kids cars come with?

One of the things that puts Mercedes kids cars ahead of their competitors is the quality of the features they offer. The cars drive as smooth as hovercrafts and have an appearance to die for. But the additional features take it to the next level.

Forward and reverse gears

Mercedes electric ride on cars spare no expense in bringing the most authentic driving experience possible for young kids. Forward and reverse gears are a must. It’s alright speeding across the playgrounds but a reverse gear helps the rider to recover from tight spots. Plus, this level of manoeuvrability helps a lot with the parking.

High and low gears

This feature is great for younger kids who are just getting used to handling their new electric ride on. Typically, Mercedes kids cars have two gears – high and low. The high can reach a maximum speed of 4mph. With the gear system, children learn why speed is important for navigating and safety.


What’s a modern car without a seatbelt? Even at safe speeds, a sturdy seatbelt is a valuable asset in kids electric cars. Mercedes kids cars know this and fit their range with effective seatbelts that keep the rider secure in the seat.

MP3 input

As kids cruise, they have the luxury of being able to listen to their favourite songs. The MP3 input allows the connection of an MP3 player or iPod to the Mercedes kids car. Transform the ride into a certified party wagon with this funky feature.

Sound effects

From ‘vrooms’ to ‘HONKS!’, Mercedes electric ride on cars leave very little to the imagination with the sounds they recreate. Drivers can listen to the car working and take pleasure from the awesome power these sounds replicate.


Stay on the right path, even in the dark, with fully-function headlights. The lights are controlled with a simple push button on the dashboard.

Battery power indicator

Don’t you just hate it when the battery runs out without you knowing to spoil the fun? That’s not something you have to worry about with Mercedes kids cars. Some models come with power indicators that show rider and parents how much battery life remains. Once it gets to a critical point, recharge it and get back out there quickly.

Parental remote control

Take the control out of the riders hands with the parental remote control feature. The control overrides the steering wheel function of the electric ride on. Now, parents can safely ferry young riders and ensure safe play.

How long do the battery in Mercedes kids cars last?

Commonly, Mercedes ride ons last around an hour on a full charge. This can differ depending on the size of the battery. Mercedes kids cars come with either a 6 volt or 12 volt battery per motor. It helps to charge the ride on for a long time for the first charge. This ensures that the battery is reaching its full potential. Subsequent charges can then be shorter whilst producing the same level of performance.

How long the battery lasts on electric ride on cars depends on some key factors. Generally, though, the harder the ride on is working, the more power it will consume. So, if the child is using the kids car over tough terrain or up slopes, the battery will last less time.

What styles do Mercedes kids cars come in?

Cars are the main style of vehicle that Mercedes kids cars specialise in. Whether it’s licensed Mercedes ride ons or Mercedes style ride ons, we’ve focused on the replicas of the cars people love. Mercedes kids cars are small and are safer for smaller children. They have a slower centre of gravity making them less likely to tip or rollover.

Jeeps and SUVs are also available. These larger ride ons are just as stylish, and perform as well, as their smaller counterparts. However, conversely to car ride ons, jeep/SUV type kids cars have a higher potential for imbalance. This is because the vehicles are taller, so the spread of weight can become uneven on irregular ground. Still, Mercedes electric ride on cars in a jeep style are no less entertaining, and they brag openable doors for easy entry.

What Mercedes kids cars are in the range?

At Mercedes Benz Ride On Cars, we offer five superb kids electric cars: CLA style, SLS AMG, S63 AMG, G63 and GLA.

The CLA style ride on is the only unlicensed electric ride on in the range, but it remains one of our best sellers. Its resemblance to the CLA car is clear and it offers premium specifications to rival those of the official Mercedes Benz ride ons.

For kids looking for a cool SUV, the Mercedes GLA is just the ticket. This smart ride on, with its clean curves and understated looks, stands out in the playground. With openable doors, and adjustable seat and three speeds, the GLA is a special toy.

Then we have the flashier lot – the SLS AMG and S63 AMG. These sleek kids automobiles are gorgeous. They boast the highest level of detailed accuracy of all the range, with all the fixtures and badges in the right places. Take a look for yourself.

Last but not least, the big G63 AMG Mercedes kids cars! The goliaths of the set. These are real showstoppers that even include genuine rubber tyres. Suitable for kids up to 8 years old, this action-packed electric ride on are for the adventurers.

How to stay safe while using Mercedes kids cars

The most important way to ensure that children stay safe on kids electric cars is to teach them how to use them properly. This means everything from teaching them to control speeds to keeping them riding on the correct surface. Kids who are unable to control their ride on are more likely to get injured due to crashes or rollovers.

As long as you’re buying a moving vehicle for kids, you should always buy some safety wear. There aren’t many ride on specific products out there, but a helmet is crucial. If you closely supervise the child and allow them to play in an open space, riding without a helmet is okay. In more confined spaces, don’t take any chance.

Finally, keep a close eye on the child’s activities. Remember, Mercedes kids cars are automatic toys. Kids can easily lose control of them or they can also malfunction. Supervising their use is one of the best ways to ensure that they are secure throughout their use.

Storing away Mercedes kids cars

Tucking kids electric cars away isn’t just about preventing them from becoming an obstruction. You also have to be sure that they are kept in good condition wherever they are kept. Find a clear space that is guarded from heat and moisture. Heat and moisture degrades materials over time causing damage. One way to prevent this is by using a cover thrown over the electric ride on. But, ideally, you want to store the car in a place that can maintain an average room temperature. Garages and closets are often used to stow away kids cars.

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